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2300 HPS Hard Shifting


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Any insight is appreciated.


2021 2300 HPS, 250 SHO, mechanical Shifting. 30 hrs.


The boat shifts heavy, which I'm fine with. The issue is it will randomly have a very difficult time shifting from forward back into neutral. This will usually happen 3 or four times per trip.

The boat is scheduled to go to a local Yamaha mechanic in a couple of weeks. My dealer is two hours away so any help will really be appreciated.


Thank you in advance!


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Obviously  something is  binding. 

Does the problem  change when you tilt the motor?if so look at the way it goes from hull into the motor.

Look under console and make sure that  there is no sharp bends as it enters the rigging tube.

Finally disconnect the linkage from the motor and see how it feels.

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4 hours ago, Moderator said:

That sounds like a shift linkage problem….  No Dealer to correct that ??


The boat is going to a local Yamaha mechanic (not a Pathfinder Dealer) in a few weeks. The Pathfinder dealer where I bought the boat is two hours away.

Being a brand new boat, I was hoping it was something simple and avoid the drive and down time. 


I did take an artist brush and lightly applied more grease to the sliding assembly where the shift cable connects. Will see if that helps.

I think the plan is to replace the shift cable at the recommendation of the Yamaha mechanic.


Does Pathfinder use standard Yamaha shift cables?

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