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Forward locker hatch gas shock


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On the forward locker there is a gas shock. The shock itself and the mount on the hatch look to be made for a marine application. However, the base under the deck is rusted and looks like painted steel. Is this a factory base or did the previous owner change it? The shocks on both the rod lockers have good bases under the deck which makes me question how this ended up in the boat.


As long as I'm asking questions how about one more on the hatch. The catch on that latch is mounted crooked. The new catch and old one don't have any room for left right adjustment and the screw holes into the gl*** are crooked. Can I fill the top hole in and drill a new hole just a tad to the left? Or will the joint between old gl*** and resin fail? The biggest reason I want to straighten it up is because it has the rubber latch binding when it is hooked up. Yes I know that spot has some rust stains and is getting addressed during the latch replacement.


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Can't help with the first question about factory install, but I'd take that ***er apart, clean it up and spray some fresh paint on it.

With regard to the second question; I'd take that piece off, use some Rush-Aid on it and on the gel-coat. Then use some synthetic wood on the backside. Drill your new hole through the gel-coat and backer-board. Rough up the backer-board, apply some 5200, then thru-bolt the catch with new bolts and nuts.

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