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non skid issues


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Well, my best guess is that's the issue (no shoes). If you like Croc's, they make a boat shoe that looks a lot more tame than the original Crocs. Shoes also protect your feet from fish flopping around in the boat.

A friend of mine from the F.D. was using his cast net in the boat (no shoes). The first cast was ok, but the deck got wet, the second cast he slipped and broke his shoulder.

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I've never had an issue on my old pathy or other boats fishing barefoot until i got my new pathfinder. I shouldn't have to wear shoes to stay safe on a boat.

Wait till you get a catfish spline through the center of your big toe :(

I used to wear the plastic Shimano fishing shoes...was out with Capt DonH releasing a big ol cat using a long dehooker, the fish somehow flipped into the boat instead of out and the spline went directly through my shoe top...

I have never had such pain....we had to stop fishing for 1/2 hour....we cranks the engine and ran the hot pee stream on my foot for a while then took out a bunch of ice and soaked my foot...

the toe turned red, then purple....it finally calmed down and we continued fishing...

I now only wear Sebago leather shoes when fishing...I still carry the Shimano's as a back up, but, never full time on the fishing platform...

Out with family and cruising, no problem with going barefoot....but, fishing is another issue.

Also, CROCS are like death - be careful, they are famous for wearing down and becoming slippery...

I nearly crashed and burned with them....never again.

Give me laces and leather :)


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I have seen catfish spline go through top and bottom of leather boat shoes. Not going to save you every time. Im not looking for shoes on this thread, Im looking to solve my slick non skid issues. Thanks

Do you see any kind of discoloration or cloudy gelcoat on your deck? In some cases the mold release wax builds up in the mold and transfers onto the part which can cause the nonskid to be a bit slick.

I suggest you take a few pictures of your deck both dry and wet and email them here to Ray Ayres at rayres@maverickboatgroup.com.


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Worn out crocs with a little wetness on the sole is slicker than ice skates on ice in a concrete garage floor. I have a partially torn acl from that near death experience

Yup......I love crocs out of the box. but toss them the second they get worn. busted my *** on garage floor once while wearing worn out crocs.

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