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Anyone done a custom grab rail on console?


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Im considering getting a custom grab rail made for my pathy. The current one doesn't seem to be in the best position for holding onto while running or moving forward in the rough... they seem a little far forward for me. So Ive come up with this drawing to make the upper rail a bit more available and added some more effective and easily reached sections on the lower section.

So Curious if anyone else has done something similar? Also appreciate input on the cons of doing this... trying to make sure I don't regret it later.

The pic shows a rough draft of what I am thinking of doing... this is an old pic as Ive already cut off the top portion just below the bends where it went over the windshield... the drawing of the proposed rail shows about where the current one ends now and so will the fabbed one.



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i modified mine. were i live(on a canal) we have a some what low RR bridge to go under to get to the bay. most times a regular grab bar will clear, but when the tides are really high, clearance is a problem. i cut mine down and put a horz bar on it with a cup holder on one end and a rod holder on the other.

sorry about the pics without the grab rail.





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My "new to me" 22pf came with a cut down windshield and grab rail. I really liked it but I got a Ttop instead. I'm at the Stan Blaum ramp almost every weekend (I used to see your rig there often) if you ever want to see the windshield and I still have the grab rail if you are interested in it for trial and error. It used the existing holes and there was a notch in the windshield to make up for height difference. Here's a pic.


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