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The Ghost Is Back !!!

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Weather looked great....large outgoing tide in the a.m and winds not too bad...

Up at 0230- WAWA at 0345 and picked up Mike at 0415, one stop on the way to pick up a few shrimp at the Bait Babe (she wasn't there - too bad), and then on the water by 0645....

Started in the back and stopped several times along the Lopez where we saw running water....

Mike was casting  the topwater and the snook were pounding it....by 0900 Mike had 8-10 in the boat...mostly snook lets (15-22) inches but fun all the same.

We move along the waterway to several spots and the snook were finally hitting my DOA shrimp...

We made our way further back and decided to fish a large set of oyster bars...

I lost a monster snook and Mike changed over to a darker paddle tail...

Immediately he was getting pounded and found a nice backcountry pumpkin to come home...




Water temp was up to about 91 by 11 am so decided to head back up the Houston to see how the front looked....

Roamed around Storter Bay  for a while with no results and then headed out front...

The tide was still low so we waited for about 45 minutes....water temperature a bit cooler - just under 90...yeah hot !!! But,I was able to trolling motor over to one of my favorite spots (double top secret )  :)


Mike was pounding the shoreline and found more snook and finally couple of nice reds..




I found one on my popping cork and shrimp....(yes cheating according to the purists) :)

We left the front to move to the back once the tide came up and we screamed across the bights to get home.....the Ghost was running 37 mph @ 53 rpms...no over-heating.....But, before heading home.......Off we ran to my final triple secret spot...deep up in the bights..

And, more reds.....i found one on my first cast.....hmmmm....do you think I like the procure scents...I even put it on the live shrimp....works great in murky water...maybe I should smile more :)




with only a face a mother could love....




time to run home.......great day....great cuban sandwiches...and blackened redfish ready for dinner tonight....




And Mike shot one last picture of the Ghost as I pulled away heading home....

She's been through a lot but finally got a good bit of slime....tally 19-20 snook, 6 reds (two to the box) and one nice trout......



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Water , out front , was as low , as I have ever seen .

Definitely a neg tide .

Fishing was slow , during the out going , with only maybe 20 snook and four reds , but the fishing improved , on the incoming .

Had a solid redfish bite , i one spot and got two 27” , for the box , on the last two casts .

90 miles logged and 10 hrs , on the water .






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44 minutes ago, THE OUTLAW said:

Had a solid redfish bite , i one spot and got two 27” , for the box , on the last two casts .

our largest was 25 1/2 (but I think mike was not measuring properly as I just landed one at 25") :)

Nice fresh....

90 miles long run south I'm sure....if not you went to Marco :) - I don't think we ran more than 45 miles total...



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