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Yamaha fuel gauge issues / analog gauge?


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Well, after a recent "E10 old fuel dump", I have put 30 gallons in my 60 gallon tank and the fuel bar is still blinking at one bar as empty. I've tested the sender = good, ground is good, and gauge works great when I manually move sender up and down. The sender is a nice magnetic one, not an arm one and is the correct length. I even put the sender in a bucket of water and float works as well as gauge. I'm at a loss. I would think it would register with a half tank of fuel.

The boat is relatively new to me and it was doing it when I bought it, having about a half tank then too.

I'm thinking of putting in a traditional analog fuel gauge and eliminate the digital Yamaha fuel gauge all together. Has anyone done this and if so, how hard is the wiring to switch over? I'm not a wiring guru but I ***ume it's only two to three wires correct?

Thanks in advance!

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