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September Fishing


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The worst of the heat seems to be behind us, football is on, and the fish are moving towards their fall patterns.

Trout -Current is still key. On an outgoing look for creek drains along the main rivers/waterways. On an incoming work along broken shell banks and main river points. Best bite has been on incoming. My larger trout are coming from fishing the bottom with either a finger mullet or dragging a jig.  An erratically work paddle tail on a jig head through a current seam will get the majority of strikes. If you fish an area for a few minutes and fail to get a trout bite move some to locate the school. Chart/White has worked best for flies and I have been using either a clouser or seaducer in these colors.

Flounder - Look for slow sloping banks near inlets or main rivers. Either broken shell or mud bottom. Best bite for me has been on lower tide slow rolling a Diezel Minnowz  along the bottom.

Redfish -I am starting to see our larger fish move out towards inlets and harbors. They are best to catch on main shorelines or in the larger creeks. Fishing very shallow around the low tides has been most consistent for these fish. While they will eat they are still skittish on low water and either a finesse soft plastic or cut bait has gotten them to eat. For flies, a lightly tied #4 grizzly/brown seaducer has worked best.

Slot size and smaller can still readily be found fishing structure in creeks and the best bite has also been around low tide. Shrimp has been the bait of choice for these fish and has a short life in the water, if you put a shrimp in the water and reel it back in to the boat after it sits a few minutes its time to change spots.

We are also in the best time of year for tailing fish on the high water. Remember to cast ahead of the fish and drag your bait to an intercept point instead of casting right on top of them. I have been using a weedless eyes strike 1/8oz jig and a minnowz (paddle tail) in the grass. I find with elaztech's buoyancy it allows the bait to stand up some and is easier for the fish to find on the bottom. For flies pick your favorite crab or shrimp pattern, just make sure a rabbit strip is part of it.


Marsh Hens - First season was a success and the second should be better as it hold the higher tides. Look for the birds to be in the taller grass as the water rises and then using grass mats as life rafts once the water is at its peak. Plan your hunts around high tide.






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10 hours ago, Hobo said:

Not too bad a catch considering we've had over 5" of rain in the last week...  The water is both muddy and very fresh....287679628_14trout9flounder.thumb.jpg.b8097b775cfe2ba6d52ea1376e3a49cb.jpgdy a

Very nice Ken. I have only been able to find the baby trout  around our area. My wife and I are heading to Steinhatchee this weekend hoping to find some bigger ones ( and just to try a new place) . 

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