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Two of my closest friends are in town from elementary school with over 30 + years of friendship and still going.  One lives here near me and the other is from Oregon.  Well they wanted to go fishing and Flamingo was the destination.  Bugs were not bad at all, really surprised by that to be honest.  Ran out and hit a spot near and dear to me. Ended up catching about 6-7 smaller snook, 5 snapper and two reds.  One of the reds was legal but stupid me tried lifting it over the side and pop….there it went to swim another day.  Oh well, live and learn.  I then decided to head south and follow the tide when we ran across a ton of birds diving.  The offshore guy in me kicked in and for the next hour, we had a blast with Spanish mackerel.  Sharks were bad but we were still able to bring some home.  I know, they are not the best fish to eat but we are smoking them up tomorrow all day.  In fact, they are sitting in brine right now.  Good pics to follow.  Hope you enjoy these first pics and videos.  Another successful Flamingo trip in the books.










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4 hours ago, Wanaflatsfish said:

Great day SS....nice catch and some smoked filets for da feeeesssshhhhh dip !!!

Nice pics and videos.....memories for a while.....




It was a blast!  As soon as I knew they were macks, I switched to the longest lures I had and it did the trick with out getting cut off.  The lures were like 6 inches, or 5, something like that. lol  What was fun was watching the sharks chase them all the way to the boat.  Even caught a small bull shark at one point.  Very fun day with old friends!

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