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November Fishing


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Been a little slow on the reports as things have been super busy over the past 2 months.


Trout - I am finding the majority of my trout near structure with current. This could be a dock, laydown or oyster point on a shoreline. A paddle tail on a jig head worked with a jigging motion but slow to keep in the bottom of the water column has produced the larger fish. This is also a great time of year to target these larger trout. For flies a Clouser of your choice on a light intermediate line has been getting action.

Redfish - I have not yet consistently seen fish school up on the smaller main river flats yet but do expect that to be changing soon. On higher water fishing structure like laydowns and docks has produced well. You can also power fish grass edges and find a few hanging around.

The most exciting way to target them, to me at least, is to chase them in the large oyster flats on the low end of the tide cycle. The water has cleared up and the fish are grouping together in the potholes and "deeper" cuts producing some great sight fishing. Best fishing being a mid afternoon low tide with a sunny sky. A 1/10oz ned rig or Texas rigged plastic has worked best. A bead chain seaducer on a floating line has also been pretty irresistible.


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