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When You Can't Catch FEEESSSH - Eat the bait ;)

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Gotta love the big ol winter shrimp....had some monsters and decided to keep them and eat them vs using them for feeeessssh....

cooked them spanish style....olive oil, in the non - stick pan, garlic, extra virgin olive oil....sear then in the oven at 450 degrees for about 8 minutes.....




easy to go to the oven....




Well.....ok, enough fun....now back to reality.....I got the above at Costco over the weekend......


Mike and decided to do the Port of the islands and fish a new area.......WRONG !!! .....DID I SAY WRONG ???

'We thought, hey, let's do something different ???

So, we thought Port of the Islands just West off Chokoloskee....

Well, a 20 mph N wind, combined with a negative low....and can you say.......clean keg ???

We tried to get up into some the back country and it was a complete disaster....the wind just kept blowing....we made it up to Pumpkin  Bay....can you say NO WATER THREE TIMES ???

Anyways, we explored around, hand a nice lunch - thank you Mike - great cuban sandwich and empanadas....but, literally 3 snook after 7 hours of casting.....

Until the next time.....well, not in Port of the islands again for a while :)

Gotta love the "epic" days :)



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"Mike and I" Wait what? Who? Not sure I had anything to do with that decision. Thankfully the advice at the dock probably saved us from a high and dry wait.

Still, in my book it was absolutely amazing.  Loved the day. Thanks Dino. Best I've seen you working the arties especially on a tough day.  Well done!

Tight lines

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21 hours ago, Intheslot12 said:

"Mike and I" Wait what? Who? Not sure I had anything to do with that decision

Yep, when you get the Marquessa, you get to decide....and fish or no fish will be on you (LOL)......and all I have to do is bring the egg salad sandwiches :)   I should have listened to you and gone to Flamingo.....

It was an experience....awaiting for COTO to find some spots near Marco so we don't have to drive so far :)



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