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Florida State of Emergency: Lake Okeechobee discharge


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I know we're not supposed to get into politics but I wonder if Governer Scott would take the same tone in there was a Republican Presidential administration? And these d-bags wonder how Trump can be leading the in the polls.

Don't pounce, I'm a registered Republican.

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Not sure about the accusatory tone of the preamble, but by declaring a state of emergency, he makes available reserve funds for mitigation and remuneration for damages.

No prior Governor has enjoyed the scissors they have been caught in with the 'dike will break--or--release & kill estuaries' dilemna that has been decided by the Corps each time. The two rivers and their resources suffer. This year they let the Lake get over 16 feet before they flushed the toilet.

The State placed aside funds to restore the natural flow, and that preamble claims the Feds held up their share of the funds.

It sounds like Governor Scott got fed up and called the Feds out.

He is supporting his State's resources & residents it looks like to me.

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