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Chris's Slick Willie


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Nifty Fly: Here's a new fly...er, a fly that's new to me: Chris's Slick Willie. It's about 8 cm. long; tied on a 2/0 hook; chartreuse fuzzy stuff on the back (I don't know what the stuff is, but it's synthetic and very fine; I've been using marabou which seems to work just as well).


There's a bit of very fine flash tied into the chartreuse. The eyes are 1/50 oz. dumbbells and the head is cross-cut, white rabbit tied in in front of the marabou and wrapped forward and over the eyes. Both stripers and bluefish like the fly and it will undoubted attract other species as well.

Apparently the fly was created by Ms. Christina Rodriguez whom I've been unable to locate on the Internet. If you find a contact for her, I'd like to have it; kindly email me.

I'd also be interested in your ideas as to what the chartreuse material is.

Finally, it appears that the rabbit material is much longer than what I've been able to acquire. Any thoughts on that?

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