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Red Bag Of Death = Good Eats !!!

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[image]25312143890_fef08795a1_h.jpgIMG_0690 by Dino Cardelli, on Flickr[/image]

Capt DonH and I made the trek last weekend to Choko...as mentioned in previous posts...not a stellar day...but, 4 nice trout and one black drum made it home....

Dinner Sunday = grilled on the stove red drum

Dinner last night = Asian style - a few ounces hot peanut oil in stove top wok, add lots of garlic to season the oil, remove, then place 2" chunks of trout...fry till done....remove all the oil, then add a few glugs of Oyster Sauce....toss for 10 seconds, the remove from heat...

served with some sliced cucumbers, onions, and radish in a ponzo sauce marinade....steamed cauliflower with curry powder and you have a nice healthy dinner...


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