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advantages of a 2015 and newer pathfinder

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I had a 2014 22 tournament hull #8 where they changed the top cap and started to use the TRS mold for the hull. I came from a 2008 20 so some of this may not apply. 
First, the fit and finish was head and shoulders above my 2008. Small things like led cockpit lighting became standard and a different console appeared. The console was a mixed bag. There were and are issues with the switch panel and you sure could use a cup holder or two but you had plenty of room for a large mfd or two. Under gunnel storage was welcomed but the older style was easier to keep clean. I still got some water in the cockpit through the scuppers when I had 3 guys sinker bouncing in the back and still added rabuds. The boat also added about 200 lbs over the previous model year. 
Personally, I think the differences are worth the money. We now have a 2020, 2005 and that’s a whole different story..

Good luck with your search. 

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I have the 2012 2200 TRS,  The under gunnel rod storage and console layout and access would be changes for me. IF under gunnel storage and access is important to you then worth it. The console layout is also a preference, but the access to the inside of the console is a really a big plus. 

I do all the maintenance and work on my boat so access to the console and bilge are important to me.

There were many updates to the 2200's over the years from the 2000's to present.  


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Thank you very much for the information.  The items you mentioned appear to be worth the extra investment.  

What is the preferred engine for 2015 or newer Pathfinder 22'.  I see them with 150, 200,225 or 250.  The 200 is 2 lbs lighter than the 150 and 1 mph faster.  The hole shot and fuel economy is better on the 150.  Does the bigger engines, 225 and 250 add draft or reduce handling characteristics?  I suspect it is much faster but how fast?  Sorry about the barrage of questions on a Monday morning.


thank you


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The Yamaha 200, 225 and 250 V6 SHO 4.2L are preferred. There is no noticeable difference in draft. The Hole Shot and Top Speed are exceptional.

The Yamaha F150, 175 and 200 inline V4 2.8L are great and very dependable. You would likely be happy with that power unless you carry heavy loads and are a speed demon like me. 

I go with the saying: I would rather have the most power and speed and not need it than to need it and not have it.


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