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bottom painting a pathfinder, leaving it in the salt water for the season

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I have narrowed down my search to a used 24' pathfinder without bottom paint.  Are pathfinders good with living in the salt water.  They will need zincs but are all the through hulls bonded together?  

How will they sit in the water with a 300 hp, will the prop or skeg be partially in the water with the engine tilted all the way up.  Anything additional things to know about leaving it in salt water for the whole season would be greatly appreciated.


thank you


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Congratulations on the new ride and welcome to the forum. 

To my knowledge, the thru-hulls are not bonded together. Additionally you will have marine growth in all the below water level drains. The growth will cause problems with the one-way valves that allow the deck water to drain out. Additionally, bottom paint degrades the value of the boat because most boat owners don't need or want bottom paint. So, you will loose some value when you eventually sell. 

With regard to the engine being out of the water; don't know the answer to that, but if you have a jack-plate, jack it up and the lower unit should clear the water. 

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