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Maverick Master Angler vs Hewes Redfisher/Bonefisher


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Keep in mind that, depending on the year, you will see very different fit/finish in all of these models.   The 85 to early 90 MAs were much more spartan, lighter, and "skiffier" than the later versions.   Not as familiar with changes to the Redfisher.

The most notable difference between the MA and the Redfisher is the beam.   On the MA, the gunnels are super wide and it is an incredibly stable, wide fishing platform.   The Redfisher is narrower, so the gunnels are narrower and even though they are roughly the same size, you feel less boat.    Keep in mind that the redfisher is still plenty wide and isn't nearly as narrow as an HPX, it's just that the MA is particularly beamy.   

The Redfisher is faster, the MA has a better ride.   The redfisher is sleeker/sexier, the MA is more classic.   The redfisher is still in production, the MA has a cult following.  They draw roughly the same.   You can't go wrong either way if you want a general purpose flats boat.    

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12 minutes ago, tommat said:

Thanks whichwyasup.  I MA I was looking at was a 1992.   Will probably try and find a later year MA based on your review..

Nothing wrong with a 92.   My first MA was an 87 and I loved that boat.  The hull was the same, but the bow flares more on my 2000.   At the right price and with the right care, that 92 would be worth considering!

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