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Prop Info Posts: Best Format & Data


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Post your prop questions for your Hewes in this section.

If you are going to post data, let's title the posts with model/year/motor/prop.

Like... 18 Redfisher 2005 150 Yam 2stroke Pro 21 3blade.

This makes it easier to research the posts once they get large.

While any info is good, the best information on props for a specific year/model & specific motor will have this information: loading, speeds, general characteristics and any weakness.

A full layout of RPM/speed/GPH like the Perf. Bulletins for specific hull/motor/prop combo is helpful as well.

Different options like jackplates, TM/Batts, PP's/Talons, all affect the performance of light skiffs. Prop selections & info by our Members can help new owners a lot. Thanks, Folks !!

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I have just repowered my Hewes 20ft lt tackle with a 150HP Yamaha 4 stroke.  It came with what looks like an Aluminium prop (black paint).  I'm not happy with this as I have always had stainless wheels.  I was told could not use my old prop from the 2 stroke because of size and pitch.

Does any one know the proper prop for this set up? Size and pitch ?

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Light Tackle 20/1999/ 2006 150 Yamaha Fourstroke/ Power Tech OFX3R19PCLYX200 Port 3/8"

I have a 99 Hewes Light Tackle 20 with a 06 Yamaha F150. I am currently running a Power Tech OFX3 R19P CLYX200 Port 3/8" prop. This was from recommendations on this site and Power Tech itself. I have a 24V trolling motor and that is about it from a weight prospective. Light load I see around 48 or so mph from my Lowrance GPS. I like the overall performance a lot with a cruise around 35 and 3800 rpms or close to it. Hole shot is improved from my original prop (Michigan Wheel Batllistic) and I can turn at higher speeds without losing grip. Its not cheap but I like mine a lot. Purchased from Skip's III prop shop in Charleston SC and paid $20 drop ship fee. Total just over $400. 

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Redfisher 16 (2017), Yamaha VF115 SHO, Atlas 6" Jack Plate + (1/2" wedge), Merc SpitFire X7 17P 4-blade

See attached chart for test results.  Out of 10 props tested, these 7 props made it to the final report.  Many well-deserved thanks go out to Dale Carter (lurem), a fellow RF 16 owner and prop guru who loaned me three of his own custom propellers to use for testing.  Also, many thanks to Skip Lyshon at MBG and the staff at Bay Marine Inc. for all their help, expert advice, and prop swapping.

This is the first and only Redfisher 16, so far, to be ordered with a factory rigged 115 VMAX SHO.  It's slightly heavier than the 4-stroke 90, so the boat sits a bit lower on the stern.  But, I don't care about draft where I fish.  The goal here was to find the perfect prop which would utilize the strong performance of the SHO, and minimize porpoising and cavitation in turns at higher speeds.  After many trials, there was a clear winner - the Mercury SpitFire X7 Alloy 4-blade.  The only difficult choice then, was pitch size.  I chose the 17 pitch because I plan to add more weight to the boat.  I tried different PVS port plug inserts but ended up going with the solid plugs because porting is not needed on the 4-stroke SHO.  Porting is more beneficial for hole shot on a 2-stroke.  The SpitFire X7 does not break loose in turns.  It handles and accelerates like a slot car.  Throttle response is immediate.  Hole Shot is 3 seconds (or less).  Best fuel economy was 7.9 MPG at 3800 RPM.  Porpoising has been minimized.  Prop slip is 4%.  Enough said.







SpitFire X7.jpg

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