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21 Maverick Master Angler Hatch Seal


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Beware buying the style that is listed as vinyl rubber. The bulb and push-on section are two different materials and they are poorly sonic welded or glued and they separate very easily. You will forever be super glueing the bulb to the base. 

Buy the EDPM type. The entire section is one material and is coextruded. It will not separate. 

I have bought both, the vinyl rubber type was junk. I replaced it all with the EDPM type which is holding up great. Trick is getting the perfect height, otherwise your hatches will not sit flush. Will look for the part number when I get home. 

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1120a232 is the first type which is made of two different materials. It fit well but falls apart easily. Don't waste your money. 

12335a15 is what I'm using now. Fits well but is a little bit taller when compressed and firmer. Hatches sit a little proud until they are latched.

Fit depends on the compressed height of the seal and the lip height on your hatches. Suggest buying enough for one small hatch to check the fit before committing to a large buy. My boat is a 2005 18.5 Master Angler so YMMV.

Good stuff shown on the the left, junk on the right. 




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