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Transducer cable cover


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I installed a new sounder with the new big ugly transducers. While I can not hide the transducer I wanted to cover the cables. I have seen the starboard covers and do not think they hide them too much plus it would not match my grey. Time to make one.


To this




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Yes it was made. It is pretty simple to do.

1.Trace the cables to give you a 2-D pattern

2.Place some wire/cables on your 2-D pattern to give you a 3-D pattern. I used a wire the same size as my transducer cable but if I had to do it again I would use a slightly larger wire to give some wiggle room. My transducer wires fit the mold but I had to build it up about 1/16" to allow for give.

3. I stapled the wire down on some wood and covered it tightly with plastic.

4.Lay down your layers of fibergl***. Once it dries pop it from your 3-D pattern, trim, and sand the fibergl***.

5.Now you have a fibergl*** cover. Spray your gel-coat on and you are done.

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