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Powerpole bracket needed for Hewes 18’ LT or smooth sided Redfisher 2000+???


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Well I am working on purchasing a power pole and am trying to figure out the right bracket to go behind the motor. Does anyone know what bracket is needed for the smooth sided redfisher or Hewes Light Tackle with the poling platform that mounts on the transom? This is what mine looks like and the deminsions. 





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I have mine mounted to the right of the right trim tab.  I had to cut an access panel behind the battery.  I looked into brackets to bolt on to the motor mount.  Powerpole doesn't recommend it because it sits so far aft, it will effect your hole shot.  There is another member that has done it anyways and he says it works fine.  Wasn't worth the risk for me.  Let me know if you need any more information.  Don't forget to countersink the holes you drill or it will spider your gel coat.  Guess how I know?

Tight Lines,


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I have a 92 Redfisher and went through the same thing two months ago.  I have some pictures I will share.


I used the brackets that go between the transom and the motor.  I had two choices the 8-6 or the 5-6.  I ended up using the 5-6.  It barely clears the platform.  I have the 8-6 brackets sitting in the garage if you want to buy them.  I'll give you the MBG deal.







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