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Procurement of rear swivel seats?


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Anyone know where I can find a set of rear swivel seats to fit my '06 2200V? They don't have to be OEM, just looking for something that looks good with the boat and functions well. Need this for when the wife and mother in law just want to go for a boat ride....

Also, if anyone did anything custom for a rear seat, share your ideas/photos. I appreciate any feedback...

Tight lines!

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I went with the Tempress Quick Disconnect Mounts & seats.

Easy installation with 4 small bolts. No cutting or drilling big holes. The mounts do stick up from the deck when the seat isn't mounted, but I've never had anyone trip since they were installed (6 years).

I figured if I ever switched to a pin/pedestal mount, the bolt holes would be covered with that installation anyway. Really hasn't been an issue.

I did have to get everything lined up just right so the rear hatches could still function and my bimini could lay down behind the seats.

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