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stringer and fiberglass issues on pathfinder boats

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First off, pathfinder are great boats and I am not trying to offend anyone. Just looking for information.  

I am considering purchasing a used pathfinder 2200.  I have heard people tell me that some pathfinders have had problems with stringers in the boats.  I think they talked about the stringers becoming loose or breaking.  

Have you, or anyone you know, had problems with the stringers on pathfinder 2200 boats?  Have any of you had any problems with the fiberglass on a pathfinder 2200?   If yes, what was the model year of the pathfinder 2200?  

Thanks in advance.  

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No sir.  There are no recurring hull problems with Pathfinders. 
There are occasional defects like any thing built from scratch, but the factory takes care of them. 
There are guys out there who can break an anvil so you have to be smart with any used boat purchase.. 

Have a competent person inspect the boat with you or have a Surveyor do it. Water test the boat to make sure it runs well and feels solid. Inspect the bottom for damage or repairs. Walk away from any boat that you are not confident was maintained and cared for properly. Run away from great deals with sketchy stories. One can put lipstick on a pig and make the boat appear nice. This is where a pro is worth the money, since no boat is cheap anymore. Replacement Motors are Unobtainium, so the mechanical review is essential. 

There are thousands of 2200’s out there, in all fishing and family configurations. Shop and find the exact model, year and color you’re looking for and  check out the princesses and avoid the toads. 
Believe none of what you hear, and half of what you see. 
Plenty of 2200 owners here to help you with your search. 

Where are you gonna fish ? That’s the first step.. 

Mod Marc

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I will fish the Tampa area.  However I want to also trailer the boat to several locations around the state.  

Unfortunately, with my budget and the cost of pathfinders I have to buy an old pig.  I certainly can't afford a new pathfinder.  I will look closely and hope things go my way.  


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Most of us started out with an inexpensive boat.  We get it !
You will be surprised to find many older Pathfinders that are affordable, are also in really good condition.  If you lay out what your budget is, the Boys here can help you find some gems.  Keep an eye on the classifieds and throw out a boat-wanted thread every so often.. See who pops up. Learn the prices and learn about the models and motors. 
Tampa bay is well represented by Pathfinder 22s. You won’t have to travel far to find a great boat..


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I bet what people are telling you is about the 17' Pathfinder that has not been made for years.  It did have stringer issues but it is a great little boat that owners have fixed them. I have never heard of stringer issues with the 2200.  This is a classic example of "believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see."

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I was comparing an 18 year old Pathy to an 8 year old Blue Wave and the build quality and how well things were still looking made me go with the 1900v. Perfect timing on it as I made the purchase in Feb 2020. We do not get to use it as much as I would like as it is a 4 hour pull to the coast from Austin but love it when we do get out (except that porpoiseing. Still looking for a cheap PT prop to try out).


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