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Blue seas add a battery wiring question?


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I am wanting to add the Blue Seas add a battery to my boat 2000 model 2200V Pathfinder with 150 Yamaha Vmax. It currently has 2 batteries on a perko switch that I ***ume was installed at the factory or dealer but I am not sure as I bought the boat used and that is how it came. The perko switch has one wire coming in from the motor and then 2 wires coming out of it (one to each battery). What is confusing me is that the diagram for the Blue seas shows a wire from the new switch to the fuse block for my ***ories as well as a wire from the ACR to a ground bar that is wired to both batteries negative terminal. While I do have a fuse block, it looks like it is getting power from a wire in the wire harness that goes to the key and gauges for my 2000 model Yamaha 150 Vmax and I do not have a ground bar that both batteries are connected to, I have a ground bar on the fuse panel that looks to get ground from another wire in the harness mentioned above. The two batteries have a wire connecting the grounds and then there is a ground wire that runs to the motor (it is a 2 conductor wire that runs between the switch to the motor and the battery ground to the motor) . I am not sure how to hook up the fuse panel to the new add a battery switch.

This is the diagram provided by Blue Seas.


My fuse panel is not fed from the battery or the current Perko switch. It looks like the wire comes out of the wiring harness that goes to the keyed switch and gauges. Here is a pic of my current switch.

My thinking is that if I take the wire currently feeding the fuse panel and hook it to the new switch and then run over to the fuse panel from there it will not do anything because the wire already byp*** the switch?????

Current switch (black wire runs to motor and other 2 run to each battery Note there is not a wire jumping to the fuse panel)


Here is the fuse block that is fed from the wiring harness with the ground that also comes from the harness


This is the wire harness that comes from the motor. You can see the hot and ground that go to the fuse panel. So what your saying is to just disconnect them from the fuse panel and cap them. Then take a wire from the switch and then run a ground from the battery to the panel. Correct? My engine grounds to the battery and there is a heavy gauge jumper between ground on both batteries.


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Was yours set up like mine before you installed the Blue seas? The way mine is currently set up the fuse panel for all the ***ories is fed and grounded from the wire harness coming from the motor to the keyed switch, gauges, etc. The perko switch just selects the battery or combines them.

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Sounds like feeding the fuse panel from the keyed switch was changed in later models. To me, it sounds logical to switch the power to the fuse panel and make the power and ground come from the battery switch.

This method would ***ure that all accessories are off when the battery switch is turned off. You need to make sure the bilge pump bi-p*** the switch so it's will work with the batteries turned off.

It's hard to visualize the elect. system without seeing it in person.

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