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REFURB Suggestions: Gel/Paint/SeaDeck


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Looking at longer term project, but, thought I"d get some opinions and ideas from peanut gallery of experts :)

Seriously, lots of good experience on the forum:

1.) The boat - 17T Pathfinder 1998 - Hull Structure Very good

Now, what to do?

A.) Re-Gelcoat the entire boat - have a pro like Bob at Inshore Marine shoot it and make it look like new?

If so, how much ? What could i do to lower costs of prep, etc.?

Has anyone done this on a small skiff?

Pros - cons?

B.) Paint entire boat - Hull, deck, etc.

Pros - cons?

How Much?

What type of Paint? How much do you need? what is the process? etc.

Level of difficulty?

How long?

C.) Seadeck entire non-skid?


How much?

I know Bob at Inshore can do this one as well..

Would like some ideas....pricing ( you can send me private message or to my email if you want to be private : dino.cardelli@gmail.com),

Pics of in progress? finished products?

Thanks...and looking forward to a nice ideas thread.


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Dino, my 17T has SeaDek everywhere you can put either your foot or your backside, and I absolutely love it.

I'm usually shoeless in the boat (bare feet know when you're standing on your fly line) - - and my feet aren't sore at the end of the day.

Our man Bob can tell you more about it, b/c he installed it for me.




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If you want quick and easy then go with the SeaDek. Probably would run between 1-1.5k according how fancy you go with it. You can lay it out yourself or they may have a template of your 17t in the computer. Either way it is very simple to install. I've done it on both my Pathy's. Very good on your feet, back, and knees!

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Not telling you anything that you don't already know but:

In terms of longevity,

1) Gel coat

2) Paint

3) SeaDek

It's your check book and your the only one who can really answer the question of how much your ready to spend now or later, if you get my drift on that statement.

Personally, If I had the funds I would pay the extra now and go with whatever would give me the best bang for my buck in the long run and from a resale point of view.

You may want to sell it in a few years, so you have to ask your self again about the pro's and con's of paint.

Some wouldn't care while other's will run away.

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I have never had to paint or re-gel coat a boat but if they use paint on million$ sportfishing boats it can not be too bad.

I did have a complete SeaDek on my last boat. It was great for that application. It added traction to the ice skating deck and good for the bare feet. Current boat does not have it and I do not plan on putting any on. The deck has plenty of grip and besides the funky tan lines I do not mind wearing shoes for comfort on the feet. I know many love SeaDek but I think it boils down to how you plan to use the boat and what you are looking to accomplish with the deck.

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I miss that boat Len.

Bob, I could not have found anything more perfectly matched to how and where I fish. I was lucky to buy it from you.

Fishing on this side has generally been lousy this year, but I'd love to take you out around here whenever the opportunity comes up.

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