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Post hurricane - it's fall


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Haven't updated in a while.  I haven't joined the combat fishing and too many boats - Snook been very active on the north jetty at Port Canaveral in last 2 weeks.   Instead I'm taking the casual relaxed trips in the (Banana) River most mornings, and no longer early.  

August: mullet came in strong. Topwater morning bite was great. Snook, Trout and handful of small Reds (that we are seeing juvenile Reds is such a good sign).  Toss in top water Sailcats and sunrise fishing was happening.  

Returned from travel late Sept - Ian had blown thru and dumped massive amounts of rain.  Runoff from land, rivers super high. Dirty... and the mullet had headed south.  Topwater slowed and paddle tail on jig head and small (voodoo) shrimp became the go to lures.  Water was so high fish went way back into mangroves - I was getting places in my Pathy that years back I could maybe pole into with the Redfisher.. We have no tide and the water was up maybe 18".. and water temps dropped 10 degrees after the cold front..  and that really didn't help because the fish were even deeper in the trees.

Last week/ this week:  Water is warming back up. Falling water levels.  Topwater still seems slow.   I will 'brag', last week wind was blowing hard from the north and I snuck in behind a spoil island.  Just felt 'fishy' as wind blew stuff around mangrove lined edge of the little island.  I tossed and tossed a small voodoo shrimp near that point.  28" Snook safely released.  Here's the 'brag' (I have certainly caught bigger Snook). This is not open water, this is skinny corner with roots and overhangs.   Got her on 4lb test, somehow got her away from the roots.  Safely released.   My PB on 4lb.   (Btw, switched up to 10lb next few days as targeting little Tarpon and so far just watching them jump and shake and make me go 'darn - that was fun - he won!)

Also: catching a bunch of large (12" plus) invasive Mayan Cichlids.  They are eating paddle tails - I guess that lure looks like young snook, trout..  are these like LionFish of the rivers.  I take them home for crab trap or believe it or not, neighbors cooking up like big panfish.  It was the 2010-11 freeze that had wiped them out, but it killed so many other things too.  They are back.  

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