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Mouth of the Alafia River!

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Being in the right place is only 25% of what I need to be on and catch snook and reds that are biting. May be some truth to what the mullet fisherman told you .  Fish move eating habits change with water clarity water temperature and tides and red tides near a area change things in a hurry . Good thing is because of what he told you you where lucky enough to be on the water another day . Its great to be on the water and run the boat even if things dont work out exactly the way you wanted them to . Sounds better than sitting home thinking I wonder if that guy was right about that spot . The mouth of the river could cover a very large area . 25 yards away could be the difference between a rod bending line screaming experience or a lot of casting to really great looking spots and nobody was home or hungry . The older I get the more I appreciate a day on the water . Trying a new spot that didnt work out usually doesnt keep me from hitting some of my regular spots on the way home . Sometimes a new spot is worth checking out and sometimes it isnt . Thats the difference between a fishing hole and a catching spot . 😎

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You are dead on point! I've fished Tampa Bay for 50 years. I know every point, pocket, and channel from Egmont Key to Upper Tampa Bay, and both sides of bay. If there's one thing I've learned over those years, its that the fish move constantly. Tide, Water Temp, Pressure, and a food source play heavily into those moves, so I've learned to be an observer of all those things before I ever wet a line. I'm a constant watcher of the water and birds, and an acute listener for the popping of bait, the rolling of a Tarpon, or the sucking sound of a Snook. I don't fish live bait, so fooling just one fish to bite is exciting, and enjoying the day on the water exploring, puts me in my happy place. If there's one thing I've learned about Tampa Bay over those 50 years, is that I still know very little about it..................that's why I keep going out, throwing those lures, and coming home just a little better off than I was going out. 🙂

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