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trailer jack with wheel, looking for recommendations


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I need to replace the trailer jack on the boat trailer.  I want to get a trailer jack that has a wheel.  This is for a trailer holding a Pathfinder 22.  So a boat trailer with a GVWR about 6000 pounds.  

Is there a superior trailer jack with a wheel that can withstand salt water better then the other trailer jacks?  I don't plan to ever get saltwater on the trailer jack but I am sure there will be some windy boat ramps, or saltwater could come from the boat.  So I am hoping to find a strong and rugged trailer jack with a wheel, that will last.  Any recommendations would be appreciated.  

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Recently switched from the factory jack to a Trailer Valet drill powered jack on my 2200 trs. I have a slant to my driveway which requires full extension of the jack. I counted it was around 70 turns on the factory jack. The drill powered is a game changer. No more burden of raising / lowering the jack. They have several options with wheels. I got a refurbished one for around $90. The build quality seems very good and it flips out the way when towing. It comes with a regular crank handle and the drill attachment. It's acts as a theft deterrent as well when the handle is removed. 


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