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Hewes Console Courtesy lights?


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 I'm looking into adding good quality courtesy lights near the deck on the port and starboard sides of my console. I have a 2000 model Hewes 16 with no cockpit lighting. Wondering if the newer ones came with courtesy lights mounted on the sides of the console? If so does anyone have a pictures showing these lights and which model/type lights are they using?  I'm just wanting to create enough light to be able to see around the cockpit, yet not so much light that I can't see outside the boat at night.  I'll welcome any recommendations. I know I could do under gunnel lighting but I want to keep it simple and the wiring within the console.

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I added some red led lights on both sides of console.

the lights are now 


On 3/27/2020 at 11:17 AM, jim33042 said:

00 Bayfisher 18 - Added lights to my console, two are installed (1 on each side) and I ran wire to the front of the console in case I wanted to add another.  Lights are LED, so minimal diameter wire was needed.  I ran the wire from fuse block across top of console door with tape to temp setup, then went back and added some silicone in certain areas to tack in place.  On the side of the box I ran along the corner of the console and followed bottom of console up to new light.  For the forward light, I came across the top underside of the console and tucked the wire in the top corner of the front seat and followed it around to the front and then just taped the line in place directly above where I planned to add the future light.  I have excess wire as I wanted to do a new console switch panel soon and I will have to add switch for the new lights.  I placed the lights underneath the side rod holders for protection and low enough that they didn’t block the light.  It’s a great setup, the lights are not visable in general and safe from being kicked or otherwise hit.  The lights were set low and I drilled into the main pad for the console to sit on.  I had to pierce the sealant along the bottom of the console, but added sealant for the screw holes and on outside and inside were I ran wire.  The wire hole was minimal in diameter., I think my bit was 1/8” , or less.  From the pics below, the sides of the Gunnel are reflecting the light.  As I didn’t have a spare switch, I added a lighted toggle on the upper left corner for the “short term”. Setup has worked well for the winter, but I do hit the switch occasionally by accident.  Lights are inovative lighting, utility led http://shop.innovativelight.com/shop/?3_led_utility_light&show=product&productID=266863






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