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Boy oh boy were there lots of boats out yesterday but we did great and didn’t play bumper boats all day.  So each year, my mom and family chip in to give me a Christmas gift which has been a fishing trip.    I love it since I learn a ton and also enjoy not being captain for a change.  

So we launch in the morning and hit a black drum spot that I already know about and in fact, I took Dino there the trip before but no one was home.  The guide had actually said they have not been there so when we caught a few, we were happy.  My daughter and her boyfriend went with us and between my daughter and I, we caught 5 black drum.  We kepted 4 and released 1.  

The creeks and channels have been supposedly slow and the mackerel bite had been consistent so off we went for some future fish dip.  We had a blast at the spot and kepted 13.  We threw back probably 5 or more smaller ones.  

Next was a wreck to put both myself and my daughters boyfriend on a Goliath.  He has only ever caught bass and I can’t explain the laughter at his expense as he struggled with a 120 pound fish.  Mine was in the 30 pound range and I consider myself lucky actually.  Lol


We started our trip back when we ran across a couple schools of permit. With crabs ready on small spinners, I casted and hooked one which then handed the rod to my daughter.  Her first big fish made it to the boat for a pic and a clean release.  

All in all, it was a perfect day!  Oh…..we saved a turtle that was caught in a trap lol e so that felt good to do.

I know it’s a lot of fish but I’m going to fire up the smoker and make some dip.  Catch them up everyone, they are out there!  










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