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Late Feb '23 Glades Report

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Thats a heckuva run fully loaded. Glad it was calm enough so you could run fast.

What about the other routes ? Too heavy to idle the twisty mile ?  Did the hurricane fill in those cuts by Dump key ?

I love buzzin through the Dragover route too,  but haven’t been back there since the storm..


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Don't think load was much of a factor.  Capt didn't want to idle the long distance and prefers the outside route.  Kind of a wide open type of guy.  I'm comfy at 35-40mph.  50+ was not enjoyable but at least was a little quicker.  


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Gotcha !  It is a choice when it’s calm and there are no pop-up squalls that happen in the warmer months.. 

Runnin that fast is an effort but a lot of guys do it routinely. It is a pretty trip, no matter which route you take.. 

Great adventure report !



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The dump key route south is fine, the one to the north that cuts through the islands is pretty shallow in spots on the west side and no more marker poles there. The dragover is all good. I have been running it quite a bit post-storm in my pathfinder with FMT in the tower

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