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Seating options on 2002 21' Redfisher


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I am selling my 18' and buying a 21' Redfisher.

The question is, it has these weird seats. Is there a flip up seat on this boat? Its a 2002. Is my only option to buy a cushion?

Also, are there any insulated cooler hatches like the 18' has?

And where can I find a used poling platform?

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The hatches on mine are insulated but are not the best for use as a cooler. I often use the pitch well as a cooler as the casting platform shades it so ice last awhile. I would suggest holding off on the poling platform until you use it a bit. A platform was one of the first things I planned on putting on mine but after using without the platform I really liked having the back deck open.

Congrats on the new ride.

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The seats are similar to Tempress seats, and make the ride very nice. The middle one prolly just has extension pole you can take out.

Yup, I have a similar seat setup and never use the bench. I also agree about the polling platform; go without for a while to see if you miss it. Mine is mostly used as a table, diving board, occasionally as a mini-tower, but never for poling.

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Ok, I will go without the platform for a while.

I need to do something about the seats, I feel like I will trip over them.

Any major difference between the 21' and the 18'?


Sorry, I had to. :content:

The seats on my boat aren't in the way, or I'm used to them, but if you don't like them up there then I'd just have a cushion made to sit on the deck and flip down to get out of the way.

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Since this thread of the 21 Redfisher seating has resurfaced after 5+ years... I'll just add the ones i've seen. None of these are mine, some are not even MBG boats, others are probably some folks here that own them. But might give you some ideas if you're looking for other seating options. 


Josh B.
















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