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Livewell light

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Thanks for the link. Mine hasn't worked but a day or two since new. Fixed twice by the dealer too. Kinda gave up on it but they look cheap and easy to replace. Mine is wired to the live well and only comes on when pumps are running. Is this normal for Pathfinder? I would prefer to have it come on independent of the pumps. 

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No, back then I think I got lucky and ordered the right one on accident. One of them requires 5/8" hole. One a 3/4" hole and one a 1" hole.

The overall size of the light itself is different also and I am pretty sure I used that to order the one I needed. 

Back then they were all available. 

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On 5/28/2023 at 8:06 PM, Ms. Magoo said:

I took fin-addict’s advice and ordered the blue light. Seems the wire is a thinner gage and doesn’t fit in the existing hole. I am a bit nervous to cut a bigger hole. Did you have to cut a bigger hole to install? 

just use a Dremel and go slow....no big deal....load it with 5200....



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If your boat is anything like mine the light is very close to the recirculating bait well pump. If it is a quick check is to swap the Deutsch plugs. If the pump circuit runs the light or visa versa you know the circuit is good or bad. 

From there a volt meter will be necessary.  The circuit breaker in the glovebox should be a push to reset.

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