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Had a great day with the wife.  Started early at one of my spots where I hooked something with shoulders that ended up turning into a shark. ARG!!!!!!  I did catch the shark and it was about a 6 footer but I have no idea what kind.  probably a bull or lemon, who knows.  The sharks were bad though at this spot as my trolling motor kepted getting hit.  It's pretty annoying to keep having nice fish taken by sharks.  Anyway, my next cast netted a permit which was also chased by a shark.  I put the line in free spool to give the fish a chance and it worked.  Annette can net and in came a permit first thing in the morning.  We decided to make a move out to a wreck and the life around it was amazing.  Turtles everywhere, 1000's of jacks, bluefish, macks etc.  I played with them some before throwing out a 5 inch NLBN which got nailed by a 40 pounds goliath.  They are super neat and it was a nice release.  So now I'm getting tired but why not try for another goliath.  lol  I had the 2nd one on for about 10 minutes before it came to the boat as well.  So far....excellent day in my book.  The screen on the GPS was lit so I dropped a shrimp down and started catching snapper.  Took 5 home with us for a meal tonight and called it a day.  Back at the dock at 12 and home by 2 just in time to rest and watch the Florida Panthers play.  





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4 minutes ago, THE OUTLAW said:

The sharks and Mits were in abundance on Sat .

Caught as many as we wanted .

Did not realize there was a season on them now , and it is closed .

Glad my buddy checked.

April 1-July 31 😟





I found out at the ramp about the season when talking to the ranger as the fish rules app didn't have it on there.  I think it's fine they are closed during that time and to be honest, most of the ones I have caught have been before April 1st anyway.  

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27 minutes ago, Wanaflatsfish said:

Ugggggh........great day for two species you couldn't keep for da table :)

But, you did better than me......I was working at the house :(

Well done Joe !!!



We caught  5 snapper for a nice meal tonight brother so all is good!  It has been a little since I got out so it felt nice.  I'm still searching for that cobia though.

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11 hours ago, Squanto10 said:

Nice catches! I’ve only ever caught 2 permit, neither were targeted!😅

I have seen more permit in the park then anywhere else I have been.  I mean schools of them at a time.  They are a special fish for sure and I love the way they fight. 

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