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Crab Fly for Redfish (Snook eat em too)

Capt. Justin

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First off, I am by no means an expert tyer. I started back in April, and have figured out a few different patterns. After my redfish trip to the lagoon a few weeks back, I am itching to get back up there to sightfish reds again. I bought a crab fly i used up there from jeremy at the Backcountry in vero (A superb fly shop to say the least) in an effort to duplicate the crab fly we used for 1/2 the day. Here is a step by step that hopefully can help others with tying this fly. I convinced my buddy to take his hells bay up there next week, and said i would supply the fly's...

i used a mustad c70s d #6 hook, i am gonna get some in #4, and #2 as i feel the hook is a little small, but did not have a problem hooking up at all (i also tied a few on a mustad 34007 #2 that are bigger)

first, tie in lead eyes, i used 1/40th oz.


next tie in flash, and marabou


cut some sparkle yarn in short pieces, i am using 6-7 pieces


use figure 8 wraps 2 times each piece

[image]http://www.mbcforum.com/fbbuploads/1226268328-IMG_3127.JPG[/image] [image]http://www.mbcforum.com/fbbuploads/1226268334-IMG_3128.JPG[/image] [image]http://www.mbcforum.com/fbbuploads/1226268353-IMG_3129.JPG[/image]

tie in rubber legs using 2 half hitches each leg and glue to keep in place


tie in 30lb weedguard, comb out, then trim to shape

[image]http://www.mbcforum.com/fbbuploads/1226268378-IMG_3132.JPG[/image] [image]http://www.mbcforum.com/fbbuploads/1226268386-IMG_3133.JPG[/image] [image]http://www.mbcforum.com/fbbuploads/1226268395-IMG_3135.JPG[/image]

bon ape-tit redfish!

thanks to england, gchatani, honson, claire, joe, rod wrapper and any others that contribute their step by steps to the forum, it really helps us beginners!











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i have broken a few as well...when you do your first half hitch for the brown legs, add glue, then do another knot, add glue...

or, you could tie them in using figure 8 wraps prior to tying in the yarn...i tried it like this also and it works, but is a little more work to tie in the yarn, but you don't have to pull on them to knot them on...

i agree, the round rubber are much easier to work with...

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