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A Night on the Docks

Capt. Justin

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Our snook switch from mullet to small baits around this time of year, and the fly fisherman definitely have the advantage. Being able to use a very small fly over a noisy plug, or jig really increases your numbers. What may be a 5 fish night with a plug, can easily turn to a 40 fish night with the right fly. This fly could not be any easier to tie, and the snook, and other dock regulars, just can't resist an easy meal. I was fishing near a kayak fisherman last night, he was throwing a topwater. After observing me land about 8 fish he came over and asked what I was using. I showed him my tiny fly, and he could not believe it. He then called it a night, I did not see him hook up one fish in about 45 minutes. I suggested he try throwing a fly next time...

Gamakatsu glo bug hook in size #6, and #10

Frizzy Fibers, and EP fibers

crystal flash, or any flash

stick on eyes, and epoxy

tie on red thread to mimic gills


tie in 3 clumps of frizzy fibers, or ep fibers with flash mixed in


trim to shape


epoxy on stick on eyes (i do 2 coats so they hold up to more fish)


Introduce your fly's to some dock light snook


Enjoy your night on the docks!






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the dna works, but is very stiff, i have some, and use it occasionally because it holds up to more fish...you can tie it in any color, light blue, black, chartreuse, and olive are colors that all work, but our gl*** minnows, anchovies and pilchards are very small, translucent, sometimes a tinge of green...so i just stick with the white as it mimics the best... :thumbup:

proper presentation is much more important than color, pattern, etc...if you can throw it under the dock, let it sit for 5 seconds, then strip it out with short, sharp strips, you can get them to practically hit a bare hook...i have caught many snook and jacks on a fly that barely has any fiber left on it at all...when they are feeding, it does not matter much...

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Now I'm laughing!! Thanks Shadow :laugh:

Justin...tie a couple in black..the next time you find a dock snook with lockjaw, throw it...you'll be pleasantly surprised. Love the pattern!

[highlight]Shadow..did you get the pics of the redfish I sent you?[/[/highlight]quote]

10-4 looks good

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