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OEM Maverick deck-mount poling platform

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Platform was recently removed from a '98 Pathfinder 17T. It's a Maverick-style platform, though, that was installed when the boat went back to the factory in 2001.

Since then, it has apparently been barely used at all and is in excellent condition.

There's some minor scratching on one of the legs (pictured below), and the bottoms of the feet could use a good cleanup (worst of the 4 is pictured below).

Comes with flip-up light.

Front feet are 32-3/4" apart on center

Back feet 40-1/4" apart

Front feet to back feet 18"

Deck is a rounded rectangle 43-1/2" x 26-3/4"

Top of platform deck is 39" high

Bottom of deck "lip" is 35-5/8" high

Located in Winter Springs, Seminole County










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