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Buyer Beware 1971 Hewes in South Carolina

Wheels On Water

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[color:blue]Ad states it’s a 1971 and it was rebuilt in 2009 with a 2009 Yamaha F150. I was told it was rebuilt in 2006 and the motor was a 2006 and the trailer was a 2006 please be careful on this deal. This is a decent boat but don’t believe everything they are saying…. Good Luck…..[/color]


Here is a short little story of what happen to me and this boat.[/color]

[color:blue]On Saturday June 20th 2014 I went all the way to South Carolina from Punta Gorda, Florida to buy this from a dealer. The dealer told it me it was a 2006 hull and 2006 Yamaha f150 the hull was originally a 1971 but was rebuilt in 2006 and Re HIN (hull identification number) at that time. I asked the dealer can I get financing he said yes. So I said let’s put a deal together at $15,000.00 so my payments were going to be under $225.00 for 10 years with interest. I went to South Carolina to buy a boat with the wife in tow. Before I left from Florida the dealer said the deal was good to go.

Since I'm in a wheelchair I wanted this boat due to it having a side console. Once I got there I was taken on a test ride. The boat was decent. Since it was going to be my first boat I was willing to over look things. Like fit and finish & ride quality. Got back and started the paperwork I noticed that all the paperwork stated it was a 2006 and not a 1971 they said it was ok. So I trusted them, signed all the paperwork and headed for home. My wife was asking me question about the boat deal since it was in her name also. Low and be hold the boat was not a 2006 and it was titled a 1971 and the dealer lied about the age to the Financer.

I got all the way home and on Monday morning I got the Financer on the phone & he then told me to go to the State of Florida and told me to lie and say I lost the title and have it reissue since the boat was originally a Florida boat. He was trying to cover his butt. I went crazy and told them I would not lie. I went home and talked to the wife. She said call the dealer and see what they say. I called the dealer and spoke to the Manager who happens to be the same person that does the notaries. I found that I had a document the was Notarized and didn’t have to boat owners signature. At this point I knew I had had them dirty. I told them to either get this fixed so I could keep the boat or refund all my money and my hotel rooms and gas money and the stuff that I put on the boat from B*** Pro.

Well I was not able to keep the boat, and the dealer paid for a vacation me and the wife with a little bit of fun thrown in. But I did ended up with a much better boat -2013 Hewes Redfisher 18

Keep Your Lines Tight and Good Luck!!![/color]

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That's interesting. I've seen this boat around town and talked to the owner at a gas station once. It looked like a pretty nice rig to me, but I've never looked at it up close. Curious who the dealer was, as that sounds like the real issue for you? Giving the current owner/seller the benefit of the doubt, the 2009 rebuild/repower date could be an honest mistake. The owner seemed like a pretty decent guy and raved about the boat when I talked to him (long before he listed it), so who knows.

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I remember this boat being for sale at Barrier Island Marine back in 2014. They did have it posted as 1971 rebuilt in 2006. I'm thinking either the current owner has 2009 as a typo or the dealer messed up and it really was rebuilt in 2009. Either way seemed like a really nice rig.

Barrier Island Marine lost the Hewes Maverick Pathfinder and Cobia deal with MBC and now another local dealer is selling the MBC brand and Barrier Island has since closed shortly after.

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[color:blue]Please don’t get me wrong - I agree it was a nice boat!!!

I wanted the boat BAD and it’s a one of a kind boat!!!

From some of the pictures it does look like the current owner has addressed some of the issues.

The current owner/seller should check his titles before listing it.

If you’re going to buy a boat the first thing you would do is check the value of it before making an offer.

The difference between the 2006 to 2009 Yamaha motors would be over $1300.

If the dealer that sold him the boat and told him that is was rebuilt in 2009 then he was lied to but the next guy should know the truth.

The dealer that I tried to purchase it from was Barrier Island Marine.

The point to my write up was if you had 2 different stories wouldn’t you want to know? Especially if your dropping down almost $17000.00….[/color]

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