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Hpx v project


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Save yourself a trip unless you want a project

This boat has been destroyed DIY patched small holes in the deck

The console was ripped off and put back on with about 10 lbs of un even silicon the bottom is oyster rashed badly

Cap was separating from the hatch where the driver sits

It would need to be dropped off at Maverick and overhauled cosmetically.

I wasted a 45 minute drive and was mad

I'd ask for very detailed pics if you consider driving more than an hour

(buyers trying to get 19k)

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Yep overpowered and he rattle canned the outboard

I knew it was filthy but the structural and gel coat stuff was unexpected

Listed at 25 I asked him what he expected to get for it and he said 19 (alleged pay off amt)haha

Honestly I'm not sure if it would be worth it for 10k

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