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Finally Back to ENP

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On 7/7/2024 at 11:48 AM, jh141 said:

These two pics came from one of my favorite summer snapper holes, Its was full of these instead, from 12" to 25" one after the other. I think 12 total before we moved on.

the Goliaths are most likely eating all the snapper....it's getting really bad from what I hear.




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We're over-run with those "baby goliaths" (up to nearly fifty pounds in some spots) - and when they move in - other species move out - or get eaten...  Been that way for a few years now - and no one from the FWC seems to be paying attention at all.... I've long advocated a one fish per vessel opening with a strict slot limit set by their biologists who know what they're doing - and even spoke in front of the commission in open session about it a few years ago - but no response to date....

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Refuge Managers used to be in the field a lot, and made it a point to know these things. Old School.

Now their priorities are set by external groups and they have no time to knock around the Park and keep up with the issues. No telling what other trendy restrictions like carbon emission reduction goals they have to deal with. 

The whole ‘endangered species’ system needs to be revamped for the health of the populations.. 

A big Thank you to the Captains who take their time out to speak for common sense at the FWC hearings: Capt. Troy and Capt Lemay and others.  They appear to be the only voice for us in this bureaucracy..


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