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Garmin GXM52-XM Weather Feedback?


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Looking for feedback on GXM52 receiver  for use on my 741 unit. (7" small screen).  Normally we're within 10-12 miles of Florida east coast & keys so cell phones apps. work almost always.

Last few years "eye to the sky" and cell phone apps. have served us well but always tough to guess which way they're moving.....

Is it worth $500+ investment and the monthly subscription for tracking the daily thunder boomers?  

PS- we have XM in both vehicles so already sold on that part of equation



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I have it on my Cobia 237. Like you, if I'm just fishing off the coast, my cell phone apps and visual cues work fine. I only run my subscription during the Summer, and the only time I really put it to good use is on trips from Florida to the Bahamas where I don't have data service. It's helped me to navigate past some scary storms when crossing the Gulfstream and also to avoid late afternoon storms when fishing/diving in the islands.

If you're not going out past where your data cuts off or have no use for sea surface temperatures (offshore package) then you can get by without it.

But if you like having the weather on your plotter and the ability to get SiriusXM radio on your boat, then it might be something you can justify.

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