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Yamaha won't crank

Tarpon Terry

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Sara wanted to go fishing at Anclote yesterday.  I tried everything to talk her out of it as the North wind was really blowin.  So, at the ramp, with the trailer submerged, the dang motor wouldn't crank.  It must have been fate.  This is the first time that has happened on this 10 year old 150 motor.

Today, I checked all connections, battery voltage, resistance etc.  Every thing checked out.  I had 12.8 volts at the starter motor.  When trying to start, the starter gear engages the flywheel but will not turn it.  Thus, I just get a click and not any cranking sound.  I can turn the flywheel with my hands - with great effort.

Interestingly, in the driveway, before I left for the ram,p about an hour earlier, I did test crank the motor and it was working normally.

At this point, this issue is beyond my expertise. 

I would greatly appreciate getting any leads on securing the services of a great, but reasonably priced certified Yamaha Mechanic in the Tampa area.

Oh, today, Mother's Day, is a beautiful calm day. :(  :(


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Installed 3 new batteries last March.  Just a note, there is a big difference between 12.8 volts and 12.0 volts.  Since neither battery 1 or battery 2 will crank, I suspect that it could possibly be the negative battery cable going from the console to the aft starboard locker, then to the engine.  I don't have the knowledge of how to determine the condition of this cable.  Also, I don't know how to check the voltage drop when trying to crank the motor.  Methinks I got to take it to somebody who can diagnose it and fix/repair it.


State of Charge Sealed or Flooded Lead Acid Gel battery AGM battery
100% 12.70+ 12.85+ 12.80+
75% 12.40 12.65 12.60
50% 12.20 12.35 12.30
25% 12.00 12.00 12.00
0% 11.80 11.80 11.80
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For my next try, I jumpered with another fresh battery directly to the motor's positive and negative connections.  Again, starter engages flywheel but will not crank the motor.  The positive clamp is easy to see but the negative is lower and to the right.


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A buddy of mine gave me the name of two certified Yamaha mechanics who work on the side from home.  When I called, both told me that the first available date would be two weeks.  That wouldn't work.  My buddy also said that I could take the starter to any automotive parts retailer like AutoZone, NAPA, etc.  Thus, I dutifully removed the starter and took it to the shop down the street.  Naturally, they couldn't find the starter part number and couldn't run the test. 

Since The Family Boating Center is not too far away, I took it to them to see if they could test it.  I was told that they need the starter on the motor to properly test it.  When I inquired about the schedule, I was advised that the earliest would be June 1.

Taking a chance, I called their south store and was transferred to the Service Manager who is Brad.  Brad gave me a date of about 2 weeks also.  Sensing my need for faster action and, based on my description of the situation, Brad advised me of a shop in St. Petersburg that works on both auto and marine starters and alternators.  Their name is Will's Starter and Alternator Service.

Today, I visited them first thing in the morning.  Upon testing the starter off of the motor, they advised that the starter had indeed failed.  They offered to rebuild it, stating they could have it done in a couple of hours if everything went right.  I got my starter back today at 11:00am and reassembled the motor.  It worked perfectly.  Woo Hoo.


COST = $177, a 60 mile round trip and my labor - which is priceless!!

My thanks to Brad of Family Boating Center and Will's Starter and Alternator Service.

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