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Trailer tires


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The 13 inch rim is hard to find a good selection of tires for. I started off using Carlisle from Discount Tire, but they were C rated. They do have a D rated in that brand but I still don't like that brand. Just read too much bad on them to have a lot of confidence in them.

The one tire I keep coming back to is the Kenda brand. Here is the cheapest place I have found to get them and they have 2 different sizes of the D rated tires. E trailer has a lot of people leaving really good review for them so at some point in the near future I am going to switch over to them.



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I had way to many issues with a 13" rim.

6 blowouts

Finally , I loaded my boat and took it to a scale and found out the boat was too heavy for the 13" tires.

Thats a 16' boat .

Check your weight .

I ended up raising my fenders 1/2" and going with a 14" set up .

Bought Load Star tires and have not had any issues.

Love MAXXIS tires though .

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