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O.T. Miami Area People, I Need Some Help


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  So my brother-in-law has been a marine mechanic for 40 years now, started at Bob Hewes in 1975 washing boats and a few years later was the chief mechanic for the shop until MBG took over, he went out on his own. He is getting a little older  but still works his A$$ off every day as the only mobile master technician for Bombardier in the Miami area. He needs an apprentice to work with him but he cannot find any young kid willing to work. Kids don't want to work outside anymore or get greasy even if it is a good living. His last apprentice owns a very well to do business in Miami and services all makes of outboards and all type of work on boats so a future is there.

  If anyone knows of a young man interested in the marine industry, has mechanical ability and wants to learn a good trade and make money at the same time, PM me. Thanks!

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