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World Petroleum Fuel Disposal


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I know people in business have to make an acceptable profit to stay in business but it appears that the select few in such a business of fuel polishing, tank cleaning and disposal are taking the customers for all they can.     }:(

So, with this said, I have done some extensive research and finally found the information which many are in need of and faced with when in search of a company for contaminated fuel disposal.

While every company out there is charging anywhere from $2.50/gallon and up not to include a bunch of surcharges to dispose of contaminated fuel, World Petroleum only charges $0.75/gallon to pump out and dispose of contaminated fuels without any surcharges.

World Petroleum


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A few years ago, I managed to pump 12 gallons of diesel into my 18 Redfisher. After my initial freak out, I siphoned the tank into 5 gallon jugs using a length of fuel hose and a primer ball connected to the fuel pickup on the tank. Advertised the mix on Craigslist as free to anyone who could come dump it in their tank. Had people falling over each other to come get it, ended up giving it to a guy who lived half a mile from me who owned a military surplus troop carrier that would run on just about anything you could dump in it. Always a cheap way around things if you're willing to get a little dirty. 

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3 hours ago, HarleyG8r said:

Always a cheap way around things if you're willing to get a little dirty. 

Not always.

Say if somebody ends up buying a project boat and there's old brown nasty fuel in it that smells like turpentine, nobody with half a brain cell would take it even if it is for free.

Or if it's a tank with 50+ gallons of bad fuel in it.

Not to mention that would be pretty crappy of somebody to pawn bad fuel off on somebody else and cause them mechanical problems just because the boat owner is to cheap to pay for proper disposal.


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