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Stereo Question post-installation


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I had a car/boat stereo store install my 2-JL 8's with a JL amp. I only use them via Bluetooth but my left speaker is louder than my right one. They are installed in the aft-end of rod lockers of my 2004 2200v. The stereo place seems to think the problem lies within the Clarion CMD 6 unit but I don't think so....anyone have any input?





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1) Start checking with the obvious to rule them out.  Every piece of electrical equipment that passes a signal needs to be checked for line output being equal for L and R channel: phone signal from bluetooth(if available), amplifier, stereo, etc.

2) Make sure that the connections are all tight and there is no extra length of wire on one speaker over the other or different kinds of wiring whether it is speaker wire or amp cables.  If they are not identical, that could make a difference.

3) Make sure both speakers appear that they are working correctly.

4) Are there any differences in the space behind the speakers?  Are the rod locker volumes equivalent?

That is all I can think of right now.  HTH.  Good luck!

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