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Field Testing for Octane Levels


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Not by choice, I have recently had to educate myself about field testing for bad fuel.

If the boat owner request that their fuel be tested to determine if the fuel is "Bad", these companies will show up and inform the unsuspecting/uneducated boat owner that their fuel has unacceptable octane ratings which are not safe to run through your fuel injected outboards.

Not saying that all companies will pull this stunt but there are companies out there that "Will" pull this and I just wanted to educate you all with the facts. 

1st)  I'ld like to inform everybody short of having a "CFR (Cooperative Fuel Research) engine" octane rating ping machine at their disposal there is NO WAY to test suspected bad fuel in the field for octane ratings.


So, if some fuel cleaning/testing company shows up at your boat and tells you the octane levels are below the acceptable levels to run in your boat,

They are full of CRAP!!!

A density test can be field performed to determine if the fuel is contaminated with water but as stated before, Octane levels "CAN NOT" be tested in the field without a CFR engine at their disposal.


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Age has more affect on gasoline than anything. I haul aviation fuels (JETA, AVGAS) I have to do a density check on every load both at the rack and at the airport with a hydrometer. Nothing is required for auto gas.

 The only inspection that you can really go by at the gas station is the date of the inspection sticker on the pump. If one is missing do not use it.

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