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Prop for new 2600HPS

Big Sexy

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Hi guys I'm new to the site and just bought my first Pathfinder and it happens to be the 2600 HPS. I am looking for any help that can lead me in the right direction. Just curious of what props you guys might be running and what kind of numbers your seeing? 

Thanks in advance 


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Yea I guess that would be helpful uh!

the boat is rigged with a trolling motor, 2 power poles 8 ft and four batteries under seat! Also has Garmin radar dome on hard T-top. Powered buy a Yamaha 300.......... 

I have tried so far

saltwater series 2  15x19 5800 rps trimmed out at 58 light load 1 person had to really trim to get there.

hs4 15x21 struggle to get 5600 trimmed out at 55mph same load as above 

15x21 5600rpm at 58.6 mph same load as above 

when loaded with the last two barely can get 5100 rps 52 mph (4 guys 1/2 tank fish gear)

today I picked up a osf 4 20 to try out this weekend just looking to here what other folks are running. I like to run a motor in the 5800 to 6000 trimmed out, going to a smaller pitch just sounds silly. I'm lost at this point!

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I have a similar set up to yours. 2600 HPS, Hardtop, 2 10ft PPoles, 5 Group 31 AGM Batteries, Trolling motor, 300 Yamaha. 

Most of the time I run a Powertech OFX4 19 ported 3/8".  If I have a heavy load with the bait wells full and a 4 person crew I will drop down to a OFX4 18 ported 3/8". Our 2600HPS came with a OFX21 but It was too much prop. The boat struggled out of the hole and couldn't turn over 5400 RPM.

The OFX4 19 runs 53+- and a little better light. Mid Range is excellent and the hole shot is good.  The OFX4 18 runs 51+- loaded heavy. Hole shot is better but fuel economy is not as good as the 19.  I can turn both of these props to 5800 with the right load and trim. The above numbers are GPS verified as the Yamaha gage shows 2-3 MPH more.

I like the hole shot, handling and performance of the 4 blade over the 3 but you do lose some top end.

Good Luck

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WOW!!!  that's the best news thus far..........

Just curious have you ran the OFX3 19 if so what were your numbers........ however I agree that the boat probably performs better with the 4 blade! 

I tried a OFX4 20 today and its still to big with 2 guys and little under half tank had to really trim to get to 5500 rpm at 52 mph

I will have them order me the OFX4 19 tomorrow.

Thanks for all your help 

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Glad to help. I didn't run the OFX3 19 as I had a CCA prop certificate from Powertech and went with the more expensive OFX4. I got to believe you should be able turn the 19 3 Blade up to 6K.  I have also heard some 2600 owners are happy with the Rev4 19. 

I have good luck with PowerTech and Marcus at the factory (Funky Monkey) is always willing to help you find the right prop for your boat. 

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