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SeaStar hose pinch late model 22TE


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I have been struggling with this for a while. When I first propped this boat I ran a powertech just like I have for the last three boats. I could run the plate plus 2 for best performance. We just couldn't get it right and switched to a Rev 4 about a year ago. Big difference in performance but it ran best at 0 or plus 1 on the plate. If you look at the pictures you can see how much the port hose is pinched between the cylinder and the transom with the jackplate all of the way down. This was from the factory and in checking with Ray, he assured me they were all this way. It has been bothering me for a while so I called SeaStar and they said definitely not right. Removing the tee is challenging with the corrosion that has built up and re installation it in a different direction almost guarantees a leak. The SeaStar tech suggested I swap the bleed valve and hose and run the port hose under the motor like the factory did on the starboard side. It works like a charm and takes all of 5 minutes. So if any of you have the same issue give this a try. It is not quite a neat but it works well. We also made sure the tilt tube rotated before anyone asks.

The first two photos are the factory install.  The last two are the swapped hoses (nice and straight).





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