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Bilge pumps?


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Hey guys, sorry for the continued bilge pump posts. Currently have a rule 1100 that will not pump automatically and looking to replace it. Not sure how old it is. Any suggestions on what bilge to get? The rules do not have very good reviews. If I do go with a rule, can the new unit just be snapped into the same strainer and the wires be connected to the already existing wires? Sorry for the questions. I have no experiences with bilges.



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All will fail at some point.

The Rule components these days seem to be less than stellar.

The combo units require replacement if either the pump or switch fails. They took the old MERCURY type switches off the market to keep said MERCURY away from us mere mortals. I liked the old flapper. I could at least see it and pull it up and see if it worked.


My personal opinion is that all the junk imported lacks the quality of what was once built in the good ole USA. Planned obsolescence for everything we buy and the life plan span is getting shorter. Just buy a new one and put it on your credit card. When all your stuff is broke have the government bail you out.

And, what good is a warranty on the RULE products if their junk won't go 6 months. Component warranties never cover labor, blood, sweat and tears. Nor, my loss of a charter for the day.>:(


Sorry for the rant.

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