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18 Redfisher 1995 150 Mariner 2.0 Trophy 21P 4 Blade


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I have a 95 redfisher with 19 mariner 150 (0G041908) and 21P prop (48825934a45 21p).  I believe I have a 1.78 gear ratio but I'm not certain.  I'm only getting about 37mph with just me and tackle in the boat at 5000 RPM WOT.  I've moved the jack plate up and down to get max speed.  There were a little chop but no matter how I position the motor or trim tabs I think I might have hit 38 for a moment in light chop.

According the all the internet prop slip calculators I'm getting 34% slip.  This seems really high I believe 10-15% would be acceptable.  Do you think there is something wrong with my prop or should I try something like a 19 pitch?

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